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After much consideration, our committee has elected to cancel the 2020 Staff Brewing Competition at UC Davis. See latest updates.

Season's Kitchen and Bar

Located in the Davis California, Seasons Kitchen and Bar sources from local farms & vendors. We believe in maintaining a connection with farmers, ranchers, vintners, brewers and bakers who practice and embrace sound production practices. Our daily & weekly menus are created based on what the local market has to offer. “Seasons” takes pride in serving quality food that puts fresh, flavorful, local ingredients on the center stage.

Oak Park Brewing Co.

Bring beer back to Oak Park! This was the project that several local Sacramento business owners came together to be a part of and make happen. We are looking forward to serving the community and once again have neighbors and friends enjoy the beautiful Sacramento days on the outdoor patio. The original Oak Park Brewing Co. was started in 2014 by two Oak Park residents and brewers who thought it was a good idea to bring a brewing company to their neighborhood. And it was. Our goal is to keep beer flowing and provide good food to go with it.

MOKSA Brewing CO.

Beer has evolved. Moving away from the standard European pilsner, beer has become something much, much greater. Beer today has grown from a handful of styles to scores. We now have a variety of complex, hop-heavy IPAs, pale ales, kolshs and endless variations of lagers, porters, and stouts... just to name a few.

Beer will always be more than availability and alcohol content. Beer is about individuality, heritage, friendship, tradition, exploration, taste, and smell captured in a glass.

Red Bus Brewing Company

Folsom's first brewery since the 1880s, Red Bus rolled into town early 2018, located at 802 Reading Street, just a few blocks from Historic Sutter Street. Red Bus believes in a well-cared-for spirit, crafting classic and European-style lagers and ales for sipping in a comfortable setting with a bench seat feel. We do this by transporting the customer to a feeling of community, with the journey of taste always leading to a satisfying destination.